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For the last 21 years I was in the specialist antique shop Country Antiques (Wales), where I was responsible for their IT, Marketing and PR.
This included designing and creating the company website, for which in 2003 I won the top prize for the Best Antiques Website at the BACA (British Antiques and Collectibles Awards).

The company branched out into publishing where I was in charge of the design and typesetting of the resulting publications. The first publication I designed achieved the runner-up position at the 2008 British Book Design and Production Awards.
I believe my experience in both design and retail gives me an understanding of what customers come to expect from both their online shopping experience and merchandising.

During the course of my employment I gained a great deal of experience in designing Advertisements, Brochures, Flyers, Posters, Banners etc. and was responsible for increasing the quantity and quality of both National and International customers.
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