Ebook Review: Auction Profit Streams

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Subject: A guide to setting up multiple income streams the usage of eBay.

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John Thornhill (aka eBay PowerSeller PlanetSMS) has been promoting statistics merchandise on eBay for decades and has over 10,000 high quality remarks feedback. He additionally runs the a hit PlanetSMS Newsletter which presents precious suggestions to those promoting ebooks on eBay.


Inside Auction Profit Streams, the writer John Thornhill explains how to use eBay to create multiple income streams which are nearly absolutely automated. With each of the income streams he outlines, John also offers evidence of his earnings for that approach. The topics covered internal Auction Profit Streams include:

· Building a listing of Subscribers!!

· The significance of MULTIPLE streams of income!!

· Your maximum precious asset and a way to preserve it!!

· The Pros and Cons of Resell Rights!!

· The pleasant subjects for Ebooks!!

· How to create your very own Ebook!!

· Selling your eBook Successfully!!

· How to make cash WITHOUT your very own Product!!

· Profiting from Private Label Content!!

· Becoming an Expert in your discipline!!

John begins his ebook by way of explaining the importance of building a mailing listing. Throughout the ebook he additionally suggests ability ways to construct your mailing list. Although he would not go into notable element on the way to build your mailing listing, the point John makes could be very legitimate. With a mailing listing you get a capacity customer for lifestyles which is one of the most essential belongings you could have. Overall, Auction Profit Streams does provide sufficient statistics so that it will get your very own mailing listing started out, although there are better ebooks on the topic. However, given that this isn’t the principle topic of the ebook I sense it is one which John covers more than adequately considering the problem rely.

In the subsequent bankruptcy John actions on to explain your most precious asset – your eBay feedback. In this segment John describes how to hold your feedback above ninety nine% superb. He outlines methods he makes use of and provides actual examples. John additionally explains a way to get bad feedback eliminated if need be. This chapter incorporates very good information and John’s wonderful remarks document proves that no longer simplest does he use this statistics himself, but that it’s miles powerful.

After a description of why you ought to be promoting records merchandise, John then movements directly to the blessings of promoting ebooks with resell rights. These are not the standard advantages you would assume which includes being smooth to achieve, clean to sell or that they are an smooth manner to make cash. Instead John describes the benefits of making and selling your very own ebook which might be lots extra powerful than the ones already mentioned. It is essentially because of this segment that I have started out putting more of an attempt into writing my very own ebooks with resell rights. John then finishes the bankruptcy with recommendations on how to ensure your ebook with resell rights sells properly. Overall that is an brilliant chapter and a real gem for e-book sellers on eBay.

In the following bankruptcy John tries to answer the question ‘What need to I write about?’ In this section he includes a listing of records product pleasant dealers. Although this information is ideal, it might be records you have study in a couple of ebooks before. Therefore, I felt this bankruptcy wasn’t as robust as the preceding chapters in Auction Profit Streams.

Following this John moves on to describe the way to create your very very own ebook. He begins with the aid of explaining the way to effectively research your preferred ebook subject matter. Using the fictitious topic of “Dog Training” (a subject which John is aware of nothing about) he shows step-by-step, the system he might observe to research the subject and includes screenshots. John follows this up by writing about how to devise an powerful identify, what information you should in reality put in your ebook and eventually how to compile it. This topic is protected thoroughly within this chapter. Although ebooks which include eBay Auction Income Streams and The One Month Magnate go into extra detail on the topic, that is the only component they awareness on. This is just certainly one of many sections in Auction Profit Streams, and therefore I experience John has achieved a exquisite job of writing down the entirety you need to do whilst developing your very own ebook. Not best does he cowl the fundamentals of making your e-book but he also consists of some additional thoughts, allowing your ebook to make you even more money.

Next Auction Profit Streams movements on to explain the way to sell your e-book. First, John covers pricing your e-book. He outlines the approximate prices you need to be charging depending on what you are attempting to obtain along with your ebook. Then John tells you a way to create a pinnacle promoting auction name and public sale listing/income web page. The auction layout recommendations consist of; how to design appealing HTML auctions (with links to the relevant tools you’ll want), what to consist of to your list, what now not to consist of to your listing and which fonts and hues to apply. Since I were promoting ebooks on eBay for a while a lot of this statistics isn’t new to me. However, this bankruptcy is extraordinarily distinct and full of beneficial facts for individuals who do no longer realize a way to layout appealing HTML auctions or who do now not have a great deal experience promoting ebooks on eBay. Furthermore, John provides lots of useful gear for the beginner who may also struggle with public sale listing layout. Overall, the information on this bankruptcy is very unique and very beneficial, just now not so applicable to the extra superior ebook supplier.

In the following chapter John moves on to explain a way to promote your merchandise and/or your logo, each before and after a sale. These promotional strategies are all powerful and loose. Although I knew approximately some of the promotional methods John outlined already, they’re nevertheless very beneficial for the newbie. However, John’s cognizance on the way to maximise the effectiveness of your download web page contained a lot of recent records for me. Prior to studying this ebook I used to simply distribute the download link to customers while a sale changed into made. However, now I direct customers to a down load page as I realise the importance of it in a promotional feel. Overall, I discovered this segment very insightful and I learnt something new from it. The statistics changed into very treasured to me, despite the fact that I were promoting ebooks on eBay for a number of years.

John then movements on to write down in detail about non-public label content material and the way he uses it. This bankruptcy is again very exact and especially the latter phase is my favourite. At the instant I do no longer use personal label content, despite the fact that after studying this phase I am possibly to start inside the near future. At the quit of the chapter John outlines how non-public label content can be used to generate a monthly ordinary earnings which will increase every month, an idea I will definitely be following up. In end I determined this bankruptcy to be some other insightful one from John and full of thoughts which I had now not taken into consideration earlier than.

Auction Profit Streams finishes with the chapters; ‘How to end up an professional on your area’, ‘Tips, Tricks, Methods and Secrets’, ‘More Money Making Ideas’ and a ‘Step through Step Guide to developing an Income Stream.’ These especially sum up the thoughts in the e-book and offer the reader with a few extra recommendations, although they do conclude the ebook properly.

Overall, I observed Auction Profit Streams to be a very informative textual content. Even as an eBay e-book dealer of some years I still located new ideas in the e-book which have helped me. The e-book is likewise very well laid out, and flows in a way so that you can put in force the ideas as you read. Whether you are a newbie or a greater experienced eBay ebook vendor, I am sure you’ll find some new ideas inside Auction Profit Streams. My only criticism of the ebook is that in positive regions John shows getting a internet site and mailing list, but does not describe wherein you will visit get those equipment. Although this isn’t a hassle which affects me, I should consider relative novices not understanding in which to look for those. Also, a number of the records is repeated in John’s publication and previous ebooks, despite the fact that to his credit John does state this internal Auction Profit Streams. Despite these minor criticisms, I might recommend Auction Profit Streams to all of us promoting records products on eBay as a should examine.


· Provides you with ideas to create more than one income streams the usage of eBay.

· Very appropriate facts for eBay ebook sellers who’re beginners and some new ideas for the greater skilled eBay e-book sellers.

· The bankruptcy on selling ebooks with resell rights could be very informative.

· The section on the significance of the download web page provided me with clean new thoughts.

· The phase on private label content can be very useful to me within the future and became a actual eye opener.


· There are some promotional methods that John misses out on e.G. Google Adwords.

· If you’ve got been subscribed to John’s newsletter for some time and/or purchased some of his merchandise, then some of the records in Auction Profit Streams might be repeated.

· No hyperlinks to hosting and mailing list businesses are furnished.